Wednesday, June 15, 2011

International Wizard of Oz Convention Banner Elk

The Land of Oz was a theme park in Banner Elk, North Carolina from 1970 - 1980.   Visitors could experience the wonder of Oz walking alongside Dorothy on a real yellow brick road.   The Land of Oz didn't boast any death defying rides or amusement games to test your skills but it did have original film costumes on display and the magic was palpable as soon as you set foot on the property.   Souvenirs from the park are still highly sought after today. 

The International Wizard of Oz Club will be hosting their national convention  August 5 - 7.   Attendees will undoubtedly be overtaken by the charm The Land of Oz still holds.   The International Wizard of Oz Club makes every effort to insure there is something for everyone whether your interests lie with the original books, the 1939 movie, or more modern pursuits.   Please see the links below for more information.

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Please note early bird registration ends July 5th.   After July 5th the admission fee increases.