Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Byers' Choice 2012 Carolers

Byers' Choice is offering a special Dorothy & Toto.  She is priced at $73.00 plus applicable sales tax.  Print out the form and return to your local Byers' Choice retailer by September 1.  Caroler figures are proudly made in the United States.  Byers matriarch Joyce designs each face and outfit.  The Carolers started out as an intimate family affair but has expanded to include 80 artisans to accommodate demand.  Each year the Byers family donates 20% of their profits to charity. 

Dorothy was first introduced in 2010 as a Christmas Dove exclusive.  That Dorothy wore red glittered shoes and Toto was a figurine to be purchased separately.  The 2012 edition Dorothy is wearing silver slippers as originally envisioned by L. Frank Baum and she's holding Toto close.

Click here to print out order form.

The Christmas Dove Oz series continued after Dorothy and Toto with a Wicked Witch for 2011 and a Cowardly Lion for 2012. 

Any of these figures would be charming additions to an Oz, Christmas, or storybook collection.