Monday, February 10, 2014

Wicked the Musical 10th Anniversary

Wicked celebrated it's 10th Anniversary October 30th 2013.  The years sure flew by fast!  The 10th anniversary was a little disappointing in that much of the hoopla was centralized in New York.  For the 5th Barnes and Noble stores across the country carried exclusive merchandise.  I was hoping for more of the same.....but no.  Most of the 10th Anniversary product was limited to the Ozdust Boutique and stores specializing in Broadway merchandise.   

Entertainment Weekly acknowledged the milestone in their October 25 - November 1 2013 Reunions Issue with a six page article.  

Official 10th Anniversary Merchandise can still be purchased from the Ozdust Boutique 

10th Anniversary Charm

10th Anniversary Vinyl Album

10th Anniversary Shirt

10th Anniversary Programs in Varying Colors
The back of the programs fit together to make one image. 

The 10th Anniversary CD 
can be purchased wherever CDs are sold

Wicked 10th Anniversary Playbill
can be purchased at the Playbill Store

Hard to find items include:

Carlton Cards 10th Anniversary Ornament

Deborah Lippman Nail Polish

Nice article comparing the nail polish to the costumes that inspired them:

Eleni's in New York offered a two layer  box of cookies

The Ozdust Boutique constantly updates it's regular merchandise as well including the very popular snowglobes

Dancing Through Life Snowglobe

Shirts and tote.  Please visit the Ozdust Boutique for more from Wicked the Muscial