Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful Magazine Coverage

The closer we get the more publicity amps up and there's no shortage of magazines.  I'm a little late getting some of these up, but I'm sure you can purchase most, if not all, that you may have missed through the respective websites.  You can see many magazine scans on
F Movie Magazine    January/February 2013       $10.00

Empire (UK) Magazine      January 2013     (Django Unchained cover)       $9.99
    March 2013  (Man of Steel cover)
In Style        March 2013      $5.99
I took a quick look at this magazine and there was one or two questions related to Oz for each of them.  The bulk of the article was about fashions, jewelry, make up, hair styles etc. 
FYI:  Rachel, Mila, and Michelle have been appearing on mulitple fashion magazine covers

D 23: The Official Magazine for the Disney Fan Club      Spring 2013    $15.95
GORGEOUS oversized magazine!!!!
SFX  (UK)      January 2013

April 2013
Cineplex      February 2013
Gay Times     (UK)     April 2013
Before you go to this website be aware you may find some material objectionable. 
Total Film   (UK)         March  2013  
Coming out March  8
Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment Weekly

If you have an interest in more foreign material eBay is the place to watch. 

Many magazines will probably have one ads for the film and related events.  Cosmopolitan March 2013 has an ad for the Urban Decay make up and Glamour March 2013 has an ad for the Home Shopping Network Event.  We should start seeing reviews very soon as well.